Traumatic Brain Injuries CT Scan

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. These injuries tend to have permanent and lasting consequences. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on average, 153 people in the United States die every day from injuries involving traumatic brain injuries.

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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury may occur as a result of a blow or bump to the head which causes a disruption in normal brain function. There is a wide variety of severity for traumatic brain injuries. Most of these injuries are on the mild side of the spectrum, such as mild concussions. These brain injuries can also be very severe, resulting in memory loss or permanent impairment.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries tend to be caused by a bump or a blow to a person’s head. This can occur due to that person getting injured in a slip and fall accident and hurting their head in the process, or it may also occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident in which the victim suffered a traumatic brain injury. Another way a traumatic brain injury can occur is if the victim is hit by something that penetrates the brain tissue, such as a bullet or some other dangerous weapon. Finally, you may suffer a brain injury while playing a sport. Depending on the facts and circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation because of your injury. Attorney Johann Hall is available to meet with you to help you identify whether your brain injury caused by someone else could

Symptoms of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

These types of brain injuries, even when mild, can have a wide range of effects on the body. These effects can be both physical and psychological. The symptoms that present after a mild traumatic brain injury may be present right away or may take more time to develop. This is why it is extremely important to see a doctor as soon as possible after you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, so that you can be fully evaluated and informed of warning signs to watch for that may indicate a more serious injury.

Some physical symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury include a headache, nausea, vomiting, feeling confused or disoriented, problems with speech, and a loss of balance. You may also experience a sensitivity to light and sound, as well as mood swings and memory or concentration problems.

Symptoms of Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

The signs and symptoms that may be indicators of a mild brain injury may also be present in more serious cases. Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries may also include some of the following symptoms, such as loss of consciousness, seizures or convulsions, persistent headache, loss of coordination, inability to awaken from sleep, pupil dilation, and clear fluids that are draining from the nose or ears.

Additionally, you may also experience slurred speech, agitation, profound confusion, or may even fall into a coma. If you notice any of these symptoms after suffering a head injury, it is extremely important to seek medical attention right away.

Serious Physical Complications Related to Traumatic Brain Injuries

In addition to the signs and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries mentioned above, there are also several different complications that may arise after the brain injury has occurred. You may be at risk for a brain infection, such as meningitis, which may develop as a result of a penetrating head wound that tore the layers of protective tissue around the brain.

You may also experience seizures for a long period of time after the initial injury. These seizures are called post-traumatic epilepsy. Another physical complication is a build-up of fluid in the brain, which can cause pressure and swelling. In addition, you may also be at risk for vertigo after you suffer a traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries can have very serious and lasting consequences for you and your family. It is important to secure excellent legal representation to help you fight for your rights to the compensation that you deserve. Call California brain injury attorney Johann Hall today at (707) 360-8717 or fill out our online contact form to get started with your case.