Suffering a traumatic brain injury can have serious and lasting consequences. A traumatic brain injury is typically caused by a jolt, blow, or bump to the head that results in a disruption of brain functioning. Some common causes of traumatic brain injuries include falls, motor vehicle crashes, and being struck by hard objects. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild, such as a concussion; or they can be much more severe leading to unconsciousness, comas, or even death. When someone else is at fault for your traumatic brain injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries in California

Nearly 1.7 million people in the United States sustain a traumatic brain injury each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. In California, approximately 28 percent of all brain injuries occur due to a fall. Another 20 percent of these injuries occur due to motor vehicle accidents. Although more brain injuries are due to falls, the brain injuries that occur as a result of a motor vehicle accident account for the greatest number of hospitalizations. These statistics and more information can be found in Section 4353 of the Welfare and Institutions Code of California.

Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild traumatic brain injuries, like concussions, often do not have permanent effects. Symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury include headache, nausea or vomiting, a brief period of unconsciousness, dizziness, fatigue or drowsiness, and sleeping more than usual.

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can result in any of the above symptoms associated with mild traumatic brain injuries, and may also include signs like persistent headache, a longer period of loss of consciousness, seizures or convulsions, dilation of the pupils, profound confusion, slurred speech, or falling into a coma.

If you suspect a traumatic brain injury has occurred, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. What may seem like a mild injury could actually be more serious than you realize, so it is imperative to have a licensed medical professional evaluate you or your loved one right away.

California Traumatic Brain Injury Laws

One California law that addresses traumatic brain injuries in school-aged children is found in the California Education Code, Section 49475. This law requires a school district that offers athletic programs to remove an athlete from an activity if the athlete is suspected of sustaining a head injury or concussion. Additionally, the law requires that the athlete be evaluated by medical professionals and receive a written clearance to return to the activity from a licensed health care provider before they can go back to participating in the athletic activity.

Many other states have also enacted legislating regarding sports-related concussions. A recent study called the Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that approximately 2.5 million high school students suffered sports-related concussions in 2017.

In some cases, if your child suffered a traumatic brain injury while participating in a school sport, your child may be entitled to compensation for these injuries, including money damages for pain and suffering as well as money for related medical bills. Whether or not this is possible is very dependent on the facts, so be sure to give your traumatic brain injury attorney all of the facts and details regarding the injury.

California Penal Code Section 13515.36 is another piece of legislation that addresses traumatic brain injuries. This law requires the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and training to determine the training needed by peace officers regarding persons who suffer from traumatic brain injury. The law also requires the Commission to put a training bulletin online for law enforcement agencies regarding the topic of traumatic brain injuries.

Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injuries

If someone else was at fault for your traumatic brain injury due to their negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Compensation will typically be in the form of monetary damages designed to make you whole again. You may receive money for past and future medical bills, as well as pain and suffering and lost wages.

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